For many, the cloud is a waste of money.

Cloud hosting is a great solution when you’re building a new company or running a site where traffic spikes and falls unexpectedly. It offers a way to quickly increase or decrease server resources, while only paying for what’s used. However, as growth steadies and resource utilization increases, dedicated infrastructure becomes significantly cheaper.

Our average customer saves 23% over comparable cloud hosting, but we have customers that have cut their bill by nearly half. And instead of sharing resources with other cloud customers, our dedicated infrastructure will eliminate cloud-based slow downs.

Dedicated infrastructure makes sense.

We’ve built a robust network and server infrastructure that lets us keep our costs super low. We use dozens of efficiency, cost cutting, and automation techniques that we’ve developed over that past 17 years. That’s how we can offer the best deal on dedicated servers anywhere.  Our dedicated infrastructure:

  • Offers cost savings over traditional cloud services
  • Allows you to outsource network and server management
  • Lets you focus on your software and applications
  • Does not force you to pay features so you don’t need

As your business and online presence grows more, cloud hosting makes less sense. Pricing skyrockets, and performance moderates. You can get more performance for less money and we prove it every day.

So many positives

Robust network

Energy efficient hardware

Global presence

Pre-racked and cabled

Experienced specialists

… and no problems with



Lead times

Long term contracts

Billing surprises

Our Promise

We promise to deliver top-notch value by providing powerful servers with the options you want at a great price.

Our network, servers, policies, and staff are all focused achieving this one goal.

We guarantee it!