Our server management

Dedix’s server management combines a team of experienced system administrators with an extensive suite of controls to keep your systems running reliably, efficiently, and securely. If you choose to forego server management, rest assured that all of our servers include best in class hardware and network uptime guarantees. Our team of server, OS, and application specialists are quite flexible folks and will generally try to

lend a hand even when your software strays from what’s included. However, this support will be provided on a “best effort” basis and is not officially supported. Please be aware that there are a few things, such as customer databases, and custom applications that are not included (contact your developer of record in these cases).

Included With

All Servers

Hardware issue diagnosis
Network connection diagnosis
2 hour server hardware replacement guarantee
99.9% Network Uptime guarantee
Domain level DNS configurations
Remote server reboot via support request

Included With

Managed Servers

Server Management Suite
Security Audits
Kernel integrity checks
Service port monitoring
Mail queue checks
Server load checks
Server disk checks
recommendation reports (firewall, backups etc.)
Installation of additional supported system software
Server performance investigation and mitigation
Proactive alerts notify our team when an issue is detected
Support for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, cPanel and best effort for other software

What is

Not Included

Non-supported system software
Custom scripting or programming
Compromise repair or cleanup
Third party applications
Customer database troubleshooting
Email client configuration or troubleshooting